Love At First Sight

It really was love at first sight! Chris and I had our first date at a local park, cameras by our sides, ready to have a nice relaxing hike through the woods and get to know each other a bit better. I was so interested in chatting with him that I barely took any photos! Sappy love story aside, our interest in photography (and each other) rapidly grew and in February 2011, we started RRPhotoWeb together.

The orginal company name "RR PhotoWeb" is actually a play on our nicknames (Rizzy/Chris and Ri/me), and our overarching interest to shoot anything that we find visually appealing! Four years later, Chris popped the question at Longwood Gardens in front of Chimes Tower.
— Of course the answer was "Yes!" A few days later we decided to make a name change to
"Arizzi Photography & Design."

We don’t just shoot landscapes, we don't just shoot weddings, and we don't just shoot portraits. There is no “typical” photo for us because we are constantly learning, consistently growing, and always interested in capturing what our customers are interested in seeing on their coffee tables or hanging on their walls.

Photography25+ Combined Years Of Experience
Design 10+ Years Of Experience