Portrait Investment

We try to avoid the “forced” look that many regular family portraits and studio session photographs depict. Instead, we provide you with a natural-looking picture; one that seems to have been caught at the perfect moment. The venue is your choice, based on your interests, and suggestions from our photographers.

For example, playgrounds make a great setting for families with young children, a family of mechanics needs to include their cars, mom and daughter can be seen enjoying coffee at a local shop and father and son fishing together at the lake. What about a romantic picture of you and your spouse or partner for an anniversary present? How about a picture of you and your siblings, or even your co-workers?

If you don't like having Mother Nature in your photos, we are equipped to bring the shoot into your home, either with or without backdrops. We believe it is important to look natural in your pictures and still have fun in the process! Animals welcome, of course!