Q & A

• What if I want different items in my wedding package?
Tell us what you want and we will customize a range of options for you! It’s important to tailor each shoot to our client, and with all the details involved with weddings, we want to make the photography aspect of planning as simple and carefree as possible. Let us know what you want so we can deliver!

• How many pictures do you typically take?
In short, A LOT! Since we will both be shooting an event at the same time, you get twice as many photos as you normally would. There is no limit to the number of photos that we take, but for bigger/longer events such as weddings, we will narrow the final number down to the best 600-800 photos.

• Can we have digital copies of our photos?
Our wedding packages typically include a disk of your photos, with both hi-res photos and a sub-folder of smaller “Facebook-ready” photos. For all other events, digital copies of photos are sold individually directly through our website.

• Can I make requests for certain photos/poses?
Yes - we call it a photo wish list, it's our goal is to tailor any and every shoot to our client, and that includes any necessary group shots/poses you want to try. Keep in mind, however, that just because it looks a certain way when the professional model does it, we cannot guarantee every pose on film. Know that we will exhaustively shoot each event (from ever angle) and make sure the photos are what you are hoping for.

• Can we post these on Facebook?

Absolutely, we see it as a compliment and free advertising. We post the photos to our site and can “tag” you in them, as well open up the rights so you can share them with as many people as you choose. If you order a disk of photos, we can also include a separate folder of web-ready photos. We do politely ask that you note that all photos were taken by Arizzi Photography & Design in the album with a credit to Arizzi Photography & Design.

• How many photographers do you have during an event?
We try to shoot every event together, which means you get twice as many opportunities for that great photo. Since we both have different shooting styles and see things slightly different, it's a great way to capture the moment from every angle. It also helps when capturing those great candid shots (our favorite!), changing the scenery, and fine-tuning any lighting issues. Weddings will always have both photographers shooting the entire night. What makes having two photographers even better with weddings is being able to split up and exhaustively shoot the bride and groom before the wedding when everyone is getting ready, in addition to capturing twice as many angles for the ceremony and reception. Any other questions, feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you.